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What happens after you have identified the need for a new employee?

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Walter Mayers

What we usually do is – we start discussing the position internally.
We need to be aligned on the profile of the candidate.

Added process step: Position Alignment

Avatar 43

Daniel Ruth

Well put .. and then, its my task to post the job ad on our website

Added process step: Post Job Advertisment

Added responsibility: Daniel Ruth



That sounds great! Thank you for the details. Let’s take one step after another! Do you usually hold an in person meeting for the position alignment – or what kind of format is it?

Avatar 43

Daniel Ruth

No, most of the time we start with a shared document on our cloud storage, that contains all of the information. Sometimes we have video chats as well.

Updated process step: Position Alignment

Added system: Cloud Storage

Added system: Video Communication

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Walter Mayers

Great! We use OneDrive as cloud storage – if that helps?!

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What's Inside

Benefits That Matter

Improve Efficiency

Supply your team with detailled process overviews. Work out a clear picture beforehand and save your team the extra mile.

Drive Quality

Add subject matter expertise to ask the right questions at the right time. Get every detail through AI assistants, that guide your team.

Gain Insights

Access gathered knowledge through natural language prompts, learn about your process landscape and discover hidden potentials.

Enable Flexibility

Allow your team to work from anywhere in the world, at any time - and provide them with an expert that speaks their language.

1. Demand & Change

Change within the organization and responding to market demands require the formulation of new standard procedures

2. Ideation & Creation

Ideation and creation of solutions to the given demand, factoring in actual possibilities and available resources

3. Design & Discovery

In this phase, we're focused on creating processes that are not only aligned with business objectives but are also flexible enough to adapt to the dynamic nature of the market.

The design of each process is pivotal, carefully shaped to fulfill its intended goals effectively.

Simultaneously, the discovery aspect is thorough and detail-oriented, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of existing processes from every angle.

4. Management & Automation

Once processes are outlined, they can be efficiently orchestrated across teams, with automation applied to highly repetitive tasks

5. Mining & Analytics

Analysis of the process trail is conducted, focusing on both the overarching process patterns and the detailed transactional data

Process Driven Architecture

Accelerate Your Journey

Enterprises embarking on a process-driven architecture are taking a bold step towards transformative efficiency, that promises a wide range of benefits, particularly in more advanced stages.

To fully harness these advantages, it’s crucial to lay a solid foundation. New processes have to be carefully designed, while existing processes must be discovered in great detail.

Accelerate your journey by using aiones to design and discover efficiently.

Streamline The Process

Consolidate and centralize process and discovery data within a unified hub. Ensuring that critical information is easily accessible and seamlessly integrated.

Ensure Strategic Fit

Craft your processes to reflect the organization's strategic objectives, ensuring that every step taken is purposeful and contributes to the broader mission.

Get Automation Ready

Fast track your journey towards transformative efficiency by accelerating through costly discovery towards profitable management, automation and optimization stages.

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Process Driven Knowledge

Empower Your Team

Envision a future where process mastery is not confined to a department but woven into the very culture of your enterprise.

This vision is brought to life with a tool that serves not just as a utility, but as a beacon of knowledge, empowering every team member with the expertise to navigate and refine processes with confidence.

With aiones, insights are readily at hand, transforming each discovery into a building block for an organization-wide culture of continuous process innovation.

Expert Knowledge

Utilize assistants to provide a deep dive into your processes, equipping your team with expert-level understanding and the confidence to manage complex tasks effectively.

Detailled Reports

Extract detailled, data-driven reports and enable informed decision making, or connect with downstream applications to leverage synergies.

Continous Improvement

Introduce a new, agile system for your team, to keep processes up-to-date easily. Discuss, change and publish at any time.

Avatar 47

Walter Mayers

We usually reply quite fast to open tickets



Noted! It is quite common to apply some kind of service license agreements to tickets. Do you have such agreements in place?

Avatar 47

Walter Mayers

Thank you – I almost forgot to mention! We have twelve hours to initially respond to the ticket.



Perfect, thank you for this information! I think we have discovered a good amount of the process. Would you like a summary?

Avatar 24

Lena Francis

Yes, let’s see it! 🙂



Here is a summary for you!

General Process Summary

PDF | 43.2 kB

Avatar 47

Walter Mayers

We have moved away from simple mailing – we now reply using our ticketing system!



Thank you, I have updated the step accordingly!

Receive incoming request

An incoming request of one of our customers is received via mail

Formulate response

Formulate a fitting response based on the given data

Send response

Respond to the request with the prepared message

Close request

The matter is resolved and the request status is set to closed

Process Driven Development

Broaden Your Perspective

In the dynamic landscape of business, staying ahead means not just keeping pace with current trends but actively reshaping them.

By highlighting areas for improvement and revealing hidden efficiencies, we transform the way you think about your operations. This isn’t just about solving problems; it’s about discovering opportunities that you never knew existed.

Gain new perspectives, illuminating unseen opportunities and challenges in your processes with aiones.

Achive Strategic Goals

Steer your strategic path, ensuring meticulous alignment with overarching goals for assured success and comprehensive fulfillment.

Discover Hidden Potentials

Uncover and capitalize on hidden potentials, highlighting valuable information that has previously eluded your process's view.

Explore New Opportunities

Identify and embrace new opportunities, fostering innovative ideas for transformative changes in your process landscape.

Upcoming Features

Enable Your Full Potential

We are constantly working on new functionalities that enable you and your team to make more out of your discovered data.
Below you can find the most popular development goals we have set for the near future

Remote meeting amico

Multi Expert Analysis

Let your team discuss with several AI experts at the same time and make use of different personas, representing every angle of your business.

Analysis amico

On Demand Journeys

Start on-demand journeys from existing discoveries and evaluate if your processes are compliant, secure and efficient.

Globalization amico

Multi Language Support

Discover throughout your organization, without cultural or language barriers. Assistants and interface adapt to your team.

Cohort analysis amico

Third Party Participants

Selectively enable external third parties to participate in your discoveries and uncover end-to-end throughout your supply chain.

Data points amico

Structured Data Export

Export and synchronize data with your downstream application landscape to maximize results of every single discovery.

Personal files amico

Versioning And History

Be prepared for audits and make sure changes are tracked accordingly. Keep process up to date and make publishing easy.

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